Our focus on Education

  We provide

  • Education  grants to health care workers
  • Assistance in basic education at secondary school level
  • Global Health Education Partnership Program

The program includes hosting of  visiting medical students, doctors in training, and their professors, who will partner with us (SHED Foundation) to analyze village health issues and work to educate patients and most of all improve village health of underserved Tanzania communities.  Others such as physician assistant students and nursing students have spent elective rotations at our facilities.

GlobeMed, the Duke University Chapter

  • In 2015, SHED Foundation became the official partner of GlobeMed, the Duke University Chapter.  The program carried forward the schistosomiasis control work already started under VLOP in their target villages and others in selected primary schools in Rorya District, Mara Region. This partnership concluded in 2017. Starting in 2016, the Tanzania Ministry of Health started doing annual zonal mass treatment in Lake Zone for schistosomiasis, in primary schools, including schools previously targeted by SHED Foundation and Village Life Outreach Project.

Village Life Outreach Project